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Free Certificate in Nonprofit Finance

Learn the essentials of nonprofit finance with this free certificate program from NonprofitReady. Co-developed with David Greco, these short online courses cover the basics of financial management in the nonprofit sector

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What You Will Learn

Is your nonprofit financially positioned to fund its full cost of operating? You don’t need to be a finance expert to find out. Understanding the basics of financial management can help you determine if your nonprofit is built to last.

This certificate program, co-developed with David Greco, is 100% free and will give you the skills and confidence to:


  • Determine the full cost of operating a nonprofit

  • Make sense of financial statements

  • Communicate with your board about your nonprofit's finances

  • Analyze your nonprofit’s financial health

Earn a new certificate and digital badge to add to your CV, resume, and LinkedIn today!

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Course 1: Introduction to Financial Management
Learn how to read key financial statements important to nonprofits and understand the full cost of operating a nonprofit.
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Course 2: Determining Your True Operating Performance
Explore the importance of the statement of activities in determining the financial health of a nonprofit.
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Course 3: Determining Your Liquidity
Learn the importance of the statement of financial position and how it can help you in determining your nonprofit's liquidity.

CFRE Continuing Education Credits:

Full participation in the Financial Management Essentials Certificate is applicable for 2.75 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

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About Our Partner

David Greco is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant on creating a more financially sustainable and effective social sector. Today David serves as Executive Director of All Stars Helping Kids providing early stage investments in emerging nonprofits working to help break the cycle of poverty for youth in the Bay Area. Prior to leading All Stars, David founded Social Sector Partners to help nonprofits and funders better understand what it really costs for nonprofits to be sustainable and achieve impact. 

How It Works


Complete the three courses


Pass the certificate exam


Earn your certificate and badge
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Don't forget to proudly display your accomplishments on your resume, LinkedIn, social media profile, or personal website. 

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What Our Learners Say

“The training is excellent. The content and exercises truly helped me prepare for the certification.” 

— Francis M.

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