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How to Start a Nonprofit

Free online courses on fundraising, finding grants, nonprofit tax filings, managing a board of directors, and more essential topics to help you start a nonprofit


Earn a free certificate in nonprofit essentials!

Learn how nonprofits work and how to build a thriving career in the nonprofit sector with this free, 2-hour online training. Eligible for CFRE Continuing Education Credits.

> Click here to learn more about this free nonprofit certificate program 


Here are a few of our most popular courses on starting a nonprofit

Can my Business be a Nonprofit?
Develop your core mission, strategic goals, and the financial model you must have to qualify for nonprofit status.
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Starting a Nonprofit: The Essentials
Learn the skills you need to start a successful nonprofit with this collection of learning resources.
Before You Seek a Grant:  A Checklist for New Nonprofits
Discover some winning strategies to apply for your first source of external funding.
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