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Free Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Let's face it: nonprofit work can be stressful. Our free courses, videos, and guides are designed to support you and your nonprofit with mental health and wellness.

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NonprofitReady has more than 500 free courses for nonprofit professionals. Here are a few of our most popular resources on mental health and wellness:

Mindfulness for Stress and Trauma
Cornerstone Foundation
Learn how to practice mindfulness to help cope with emotional and physical reactions to stress and trauma. Includes a guided meditation.
Understanding and Coping with Burnout
Cornerstone Foundation
30% of nonprofit employees are burnt out, and 20% are in danger of burning out. Learn the signs of burnout, its causes, and strategies to help cope.
managing stress.jpeg
Managing Stress and Mental Health on Your Team
Cornerstone Foundation
This series of short courses will help you and your team feel safe, valued, and productive. Create a work culture that promotes mental health.
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