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Free Grant Proposal Writing Course

We’ve developed a quick online class for busy learners like you to master persuasive proposal writing skills. This is one of more than 500 free online learning resources for nonprofit professionals on NonprofitReady.

What You Will Learn

Your impactful ideas won’t get off the ground without funding and support. Understanding the grant writing process from start to finish is key to turning your organization’s goals into reality.

This guide covers:

  • Overview of the grantwriting process

  • Tips for drafting, editing, and revising your proposal

  • Common proposal writing mistakes to avoid

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10 minutes
Online Class
Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation

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"This training is very thorough and easy to follow. Even though I was familiar with the material, it was good to review it all in one, organized place. I'll be referring to it often."

Joan K.

NonprofitReady Learner

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