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Why Diversity Matters for Nonprofits

In this short video, learn important tips from an expert on how to make your organization more diverse and inclusive. This is one of more than 500 free online learning resources for nonprofit professionals on NonprofitReady.

What You Will Learn

Some nonprofit policies and procedures can unintentionally keep your organization from retaining talent, and also from attracting capable and qualified staff. Making sure your nonprofit considers best practices for diversity and inclusion is key to avoiding talent drain.


In this 16-minute video, you will hear from Kishshana Palmer, an expert in nonprofit leadership and inclusive practices. Using real world examples from nonprofit organizations, she explains how unconscious biases can be reflected in the day-to-day operations of organizations, and how to address them.


Lessons from this video will help you create a more inclusive and diverse workplace, improve your nonprofit's operations, and strengthen your organization.

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16 minutes
Association of Fundraising Professionals
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"An excellent interview...this is an important topic in which we should all be well-versed."

Jeremy K.

NonprofitReady Learner

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