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Strategies for a Successful Nonprofit Job Search

In this free video, you will hear from a nonprofit career development expert and learn the strategies you need to conduct a proactive job search. This is one of more than 500 free online learning resources for nonprofit professionals on NonprofitReady.

What You Will Learn

This engaging conversation includes practical advice from a nonprofit career development specialist at

You will learn:

  • How to create a Targeted Employer List to keep your job search focused

  • The importance of tapping into your professional and social networks when conducting a search or researching an organization

  • How to identify organizations that are aligned with your workplace values

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20 Minutes
Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation
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I'm just getting started in my attempt to transition to the nonprofit world. It feels a bit like a private club that one must be invited to thanks for demystifying it!

Karen K.

NonprofitReady Learner

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