Form Your Virtual Team

This free and quick online course will teach you how to build and sustain an effective virtual team, and will improve your skills as a virtual team member. This is one of more than 500 free online learning resources for nonprofit professionals on NonprofitReady.

What You Will Learn

Whether you have participated in a working group made up of partner organizations or collaborated with a colleague in a regional office, chances are you have been part of a virtual team. Many of us fall into the trap of thinking we know what it takes to lead or participate in a virtual team because we know how to be a team member in co-located teams.


This 12-minute online course will help you reexamine what it takes to construct a productive virtual team. Through this short course, you will develop an in-depth understanding of how to make your virtual team the best it can be, a crucial skill set in today's world.

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12 minutes

"Really good bite-sized info that provides a helpful insight into forming and working on a virtual team."

Mike M.

NonprofitReady Learner

Online Course
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