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5 Ways to Raise Money for Your Nonprofit

A popular phrase in the nonprofit sector is “no money, no mission.” Whatever stage your nonprofit is in, raising money is probably one of the top priories.

As a nonprofit professional, you know that fundraising is key to your organization's success. But what are the best ways to raise money? This article will outline some of the most popular methods, and provide tips on how to make the most of them.

Here are 5 effective fundraising strategies to help you raise more money for your nonprofit:

1. Diversify Your Funding Sources

One of the best ways to ensure a steady stream of funding for your nonprofit is to diversify your funding sources. This means going beyond relying on government grants or a single large donor and instead seeking out a variety of funding sources. Some other potential funding sources to explore include corporate sponsorships, individual donors, and foundations.

2. Create a Compelling Fundraising Campaign

If you want people to donate to your cause, you need to create a campaign that is compelling and inspires them to take action. Your fundraising campaign should have a clear and achievable goal, as well as a defined timeline. Additionally, make sure to promote your campaign across multiple channels (e.g., social media, email, etc.) so that people can learn about it and get involved.

3. Host a Successful Fundraising Event

Another great way to raise money for your nonprofit is by hosting a successful fundraising event. When planning your event, be sure to set a clear goal and budget so that you can stay on track. Additionally, consider partnering with another organization or business in order to reach a wider audience and make your event more successful.

4. Seek Out Grant Opportunities

There are many organizations and businesses that offer grant opportunities for nonprofits working in certain areas or with certain populations. Doing some research and applying for relevant grants can be a great way to get additional funding for your nonprofit.

5. Engage Your Board Members

Your board members can be some of your most valuable assets when it comes to raising money for your nonprofit. Utilize their networks and resources to help you reach new donors and fundraise effectively. Additionally, make sure they are aware of your fundraising goals so that they can help you achieve them.


At NonprofitReady, we’ve developed and curated some of the best free courses to help you learn how to raise money for your cause.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have fundraising experts from across the nonprofit sector share their expertise with committed change makers like you. If you want to implement these tips and raise more money for your nonprofit, there is no shortage of books, conferences, or paid courses to help you learn the basics. But why spend money to learn how to raise money? Seems like you would be starting in the hole, right?

Here are 5 of NonprofitReady’s most popular free learning resources to help you raise money for your nonprofit:

Learn the common areas of fundraising, different fundraising campaigns, fundraising roles, and the latest trends nonprofits are using to raise money for their programs.

Learn how to find the right grants for your nonprofit, write great grant proposals, and build strong relationships with your grantors so you can raise money for years to come.

Learn the fundamental elements of raising money. Experienced and new nonprofit professionals will learn about the essentials of a Unique Value Proposition, building fundraising calendars, developing a case statement to support your mission and the basic elements of a Foundation Proposal.

Learn how to put together a fundraising strategy that will help your nonprofit meet its mission.

Find those big donors that align with you mission and will help you raise more money quickly.

These are just a few tips on how you can raise more money for your nonprofit organization. By diversifying your funding sources, creating a compelling campaign, hosting a successful event, seeking out grant opportunities, and engaging your board members, you'll be well on your way to reaching (and exceeding) your fundraising goals!


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