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Unconscious Bias Training

Our willingness to examine our own unconscious bias is an important step in understanding the roots of stereotypes and prejudice in our society. But it’s not enough to recognize biases. The real work begins by addressing them.

What You Will Learn

These short, engaging courses explain how to train your brain to slow down and stop unconscious bias from leading to unintended negative consequences:

  • Introduction to Unconscious Bias

  • Addressing Your Unconscious Bias

  • Supporting an Inclusive Culture

Take a few minutes to consider how we all can address unconscious bias in our communities. And please share these free resources with your friends or colleagues.

30 Minutes or Less
Online Courses
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“I found this training to be very enjoyable. It was very interesting and I can see how I can apply it to my everyday life and work environment."

Lareina M.

NonprofitReady Learner

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