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Virtual Fundraising Events

Learn how to plan, market, and execute a successful virtual fundraising event for your nonprofit or cause.

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What You Will Learn

We have partnered with Pledge, a fundraising platform that offers free, effective solutions for mission-driven organizations, to create a comprehensive online course on planning and executing virtual fundraising events.


Get key tips on the benefits of virtual fundraising, pre-event planning, marketing and promoting your event, and considerations both during your event and post-event.

Along with the online course, you will receive downloadable planning documents with helpful tips on:

  • Planning your event

  • Setting a budget

  • Marketing your event

  • Developing the show schedule

  • Engaging your donors during and after the event

30 Minutes
Online Course
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"Lots of new things in the virtual fundraising world to learn here." 

Kunal K.

NonprofitReady Learner

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